Featured Products for Fall!


The PURE stabilizer for gasoline and Diesels


MDR-549 4 fl. oz. Treats 20 gl

MDR-550 8 fl. oz. Treats 40 gl

MDR-551 16 fl. oz. Treats 80 gl

MDR-552 32 fl. oz. Treats 160 gl

MDR-553 1 Gallon Treats 640 gl

Stor-N-Start has been formulated as a PURE stabilizer that does not contain all year-round additives like carb cleaners that are not necessary during long term storage. In fact, they can drop out during storage and cause unwanted gum and varnish deposits.

Formulated for today’s Ethanol Gas

Totally draining fuel tanks for long term storage is not recommended as partially full tanks will condense more water and corrode internally. Also, the fumes in an empty tank are more dangerous than a full tank.

Stor-N-Start’s triple action protection is the most up to date product for long term storage. It fights gum formation three ways with additives to stop, retard, and deactivate gum buildup. This helps control engine running problems such as sticky valves, clogged filters, fuel injectors and carburetors. Stor-N-Start also contains corrosion inhibitors and anti-oxidants to keep the entire fuel systems ready for quick Spring start-ups and smooth running engines.


MDR-565 8 fl. oz. Treats 40 gl

MDR-565 16 fl. oz. Treats 80 gl

MDR-565 32 fl. oz. Treats 160 gl




MDR-600 Size: 8 fl. oz.

Treats 5 quarts of oil.

Same type motor oil additive used by U.S. Military for storing of vehicles (ML-L-21260)

During storage, motor oil eventually drains off cylinder walls, pistons, rings, bearings, and all other internal metal engine parts, exposing them to corrosion. Crankcase Stor-N-Start forms a protective shield on all internal parts, preventing rusting during storage. Before lay-ups, pour into crankcase and run engine for 10 minutes.



Last for Months. Will not overflow.

Standard Basket Includes One 450gr. Tablet

Mega Basket Includes two 450gr. Tablets

MDR-300 Std. Damp Away 14 oz.

MDR-301 Std. Basket 15.8 oz. 450 gr

MDR-302 Refill Tablet 450 gr.

MDR-304 Lg. Damp Away 36 oz.

MDR-305 Mega Basket 900 gr.

Eliminates mold and mildew faster with the Innovative Basket and Patented Tablet Dehumidifiers. Place them in cabins, lockers, heads, basements and other enclosed areas where moisture can cause mold and mildew problems.

Tests have shown tablets are more efficient than flakes or beads by allowing more surface area open to absorb moisture. Tablets are encased in a micro fiber cloth allowing safe and clean handling. Baskets remain clean for easy use of REFILL TABLETS.