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Cleaning Products

Super-strength concentrated formula developed for hard-to-clean surfaces. Quickly removes grease, grime, oil and dirt without hard work. Easy to use… just wet surface with freshwater, squirt on Krazy Clean sparingly and brush off grime instantly. Available in five sizes, environmentally friendly, biodegradable Krazy Clean has been used by boat owners to clean almost anything on the boat. Also for home and auto. Easily cleans pool and patio furniture, vinyl upholstery, patio umbrellas, vinyl toys, handbags & luggage, fiberglass tubs and showers and even vinyl wallpaper. For auto, clean vinyl seat covers, dashboards & armrests. Biodegradable

Teak Care Products

Teak is a beautiful and unique wood used in the manufacture of furniture and boat building accents such as decks, handrails, ladders, trim, etc. Some of its most endearing features include an outstanding grain structure, its impervious to rot or decay, and being virtually insect free due to the internal oily nature of the wood. Although the surface feels dry, its oily content repels water, adding another reason teak is the first choice for outdoor use. When oiled properly, the wood takes on a golden glow with an accentuated grain structure that has an appeal to just about everyone

Inflatable Boat Products

MDR has elected to change all of its paint products to WATER BASE from the old solvent base to be much more environmentally friendly. Also, water based paints are much safer to use, since they are non-flammable with no toxic solvents, are odorless, and clean up easily with water.

Specialty Products

Our Specialty Products Line will help you keep your boat in tiptop shape!

Specialty Tape Products

Our line of Tape Products covers all your tape needs!

Fuel Additives

Our Fuel Additive Products Line will help you keep your boat’s fuel system in tiptop shape!

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Creators and Innovators of Unique Boating Products Since 1966